Download EasyFamily Apps® by Family Ribbon®

EasyFamily Social® for Facebook

A safe and easy Facebook application designed for Internet beginners
of all ages.

  • No ads, no clutter — six tabs provide access to key Facebook features
  • “Safe Mode” — fool-proof browsing, ideal to help new users avoid common mistakes
  • One touch easy access to ALL family and friends’ Facebook albums

EasyFamily AppSuite® by Family Ribbon

7 easy apps in 1 suite designed for new users, especially with older users in mind, take the complexity out of Facebook, Skype, email, albums, reminders & more!

  • Easy launch for Skype and facetime calls
  • Safe E-mail with Photo, Audio, Video and Drawing Options
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Includes EasyFamily Social® for Facebook
  • Download step-by-step illustrated user guides for printing