EasyFamily Apps® get your parents on Facebook, Skype, email, albums, medication reminders and more in just minutes.

EasyFamily Social® — safe and easy Facebook application for beginners.

Clean interface. Safe Mode browsing. One click to see all photo albums.
No ads, no clutter with just key Facebook features. Safe Mode for fool-proof browsing – ideal for new users. One touch access to ALL family and friends' Facebook photos. Available for Windows, iPad and Android.
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EasyFamily AppSuite® by Family Ribbon — 7-in-1 app for beginners designed to take the complexity out of Facebook, Skype, email, photo albums, reminders & much more!

Easy Skype, Albums, Email, Reminders, and Call-Back Requests

Quick and easy launch of Skype, Facetime, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook photo albums in easy interface. Email audio and video messages. Make sure medication is taken as scheduled with easy reminders. Call back request emails and texts sent with just one click.

Remote Administration and Illustrated User Guides

Manage reminders, photos, contacts, websites and even view app screenshots, all from another computer! Print our easy-to-follow user guide.
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What our users say

"This App has given my Mom a new lease of life. She is 87 years old. Mom now looks forward to receiving emails from her 6 children and 25 grandchildren. This App has given my Mom more confidence in herself, and best of all she feels more connected to ALL of her family." — Cindy C., Computer Assistant, Utah

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